Hello….I can’t help but think about George Sterling tonight, so here’s to you, Mr. Sterling:

The Star of Separation

By George Sterling

Darling, my heart seems now an empty sky,
    And thou the lonely star for which it waits,
    Ere Twilight loose the dim, celestial gates
And, purely shed, thy rays of beauty fly
To one whose very life endures thereby-—
    Who finds therein the challenge o£ the Fates,
    Pain that exalts, and love that consecrates
The body's hunger and the spirit's sigh.

Not to thine evening shall the moon lend lure,
    Who art diviner magic, as the looms
        Of darkness weave their splendors in thy zone!
Here where the voices of the deep endure
    I watch thy glory on the pathless glooms,
        Adoring thee, adoring thee alone.

The originating website:http://www.george-sterling.org/poems/The+Star+of+Separation

Such beauty – such divinity…..