I think this is funny.


I was going to chomp down on some cherry laurel today, but I guess there has been a change of plans.


And you don’t say!  Hemlock is a poison?????  Well, let me take that out of my cupboard then (I did pay $8.00 for it at Whole Foods, but hey! what do I know?).  Lol

Does European White Bryony remind anyone of Snow White?  It screams Snow White to me.

As for deadly nightshade, uh…the name may leave a sense of abstraction.

For difficult times, I always enjoyed a good cocktail:


You know, the whole ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ business.  The person who coined that phase….well…should do something……never mind….

I also concocted my own ‘poison’ (I know….cliche – sorry!) – 1 part fireball cinnamon, 1 part svedka vodka, and a good topping of lime juice.  It is an aphrodisiac.  I felt so amorous afterwards that I started volunteering at Oxfam, but then I saw myself in the mirror and realized how deadly that drink was, so I stopped.