Everyday I come across idolatry (dogma that doesn’t identify with the human experience, or, in short, reasoning for human cruelty), and I thank the Heavens, and everyone else for not having been raised in a dogmatic household or any organized religion (one of the positive qualities of being really lazy and non-commital) – I am free to think on my own, and be free of guilt, conditioning, shame, etc.  Jesus, that is a lot of work. I go to a Catholic university, and everyday I am so happy I am not Catholic.  So so so so deservedly happy.  Shit, if I had to have guilt complex every time I had sex or whatever…..well, you get the idea…..

Aphorisms of the Day:
TGIANC (Thank God I Am Not Catholic)
DAD (Deathly Against Dogma)
POWMYH (Proponent of Whatever Makes You Happy)